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I started my career as a software engineer at Warner Bros. in Hollywood, helping to launch the HD DVD and Blu-ray formats. I cut my teeth as a web developer at a boutique creative agency. Later, I traveled around the world extensively, volunteering at several non-profits. I took full-time tech positions at several of those non-profits. And finally, with a foundation of service and mission-driven work, I expanded beyond the confines of specialization and brought all my skills to the workplace.

I’ve mastered a lot of things along the way. I’ve been building computers for 30 years. I’m not just a front-end web developer: I can code, too. I’ve worked as a systems admin, and kept the network on a multi-building campus humming. Turning disorganization into organization is a passion of mine: I’ve deployed cloud services and team collaboration tools for small businesses. Salesforce administration is my latest obsession.

I’ve made a career of solving problems and learning everything that comes across my path.

My Ethos

If your team collaboration tools and workflows aren’t any more effective—or any less time consuming—than simply writing a post-it note, your lost productivity is probably measurable and significant.

If you’re spending a large amount of time learning, teaching, and managing your technology solutions, you’re working for your technology, not your customers.

If your tech problems are unaddressed and longstanding because there isn’t enough time or collective energy to throw at it, your business isn’t thriving the way it could.

Here’s what I believe:

  1. Technology shouldn’t be a burden. The hidden cost of lost productivity due to incompatible, insufficient, or overbearing technology is far too much.
  2. Technology should be aligned with your circumstances. Never mind what other people are doing: what does your business need? The technologies you employ should be aligned with many different factors, including organization size, staff skillsets, and, of course, the bottom line.
  3. Sometimes the best technology is no technology. Most of us are guilty of seeking technology as a solution to technology’s problems. I’ll be the first person to say “use a pen and paper” even if that renders my role obsolete.

Technology should work for you—not the other way around

What I Do

  • Design and administer websites—both CMS and custom code
  • Upgrade and maintain systems
  • Deploy project management and team collaboration tools
  • Deploy and administer cloud services
  • Establish short and long term data backup solutions
  • Migrate and clean up data
  • Graphic design and full-service video production

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